The House of Representatives to probe DISCOs


Electricity consumers in Nigeria may be getting a reprieve soon as the Federal House of Representatives on Tuesday agreed to look into the matter of exploitation of consumers by the Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs).

This was prompted by the introduction of a motion by a house member, Mr. Phillip Shaibu on the urgent need for the National Electricity regulatory Commission (NERC) to better protect the public from certain unwholesome practices by the discos.

Premature birth is associated with introversion in adulthood; a new study says


People who are born prematurely or with low birth weight are more likely to become introverted, neurotic and averse to risk taking as adults. This is the findings of a new study by Professor Dieter Wolke and his team at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

The study suggests that, for some individuals, the physiological circumstances of birth could explain career and relationship difficulties in adulthood.

NERC begins the process of withdrawing licenses of non-performing power generation companies


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has begun the process of withdrawing licenses of non-performing power generation companies.

NERC released a list of 27 firms whose licenses may soon be cancelled. They said that the affected firms could not meet the terms and conditions of their licenses.

However, the regulatory agency said that the affected firms have 30 days to provide reasons their operational licenses should not be revoked.

Electricity consumers in Dada Asaila community lament over high bills from Ibadan DISCO


Consumers in Dada Asaila area in Ota, Ogun State are seeking help from electricity regulators over high electricity bills from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC).

The consumers have agreed not to pay their electricity bills until the billing system was rectified.

The affected consumers said that the electricity distribution company was imposing untold hardship on consumers in the community through its estimated billing of about N14,000 monthly.

You thought soft drinks were bad for your health? You should look at energy drinks


Energy drinks or what some call sports drinks is the craze among the young. You see them being sold in neighborhood shops, supermarkets, or being gulped down by students at college campuses, bars and night clubs and at other social events.

Some of the brands available in the Nigerian market are Red Bull, Power Horse, Vault, Red Alert, London Best, Spark, Monster, Hippo, Burn, among others.

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