Electricity consumers in Lagos urge NERC to remove fixed charge


Some electricity consumers in Lagos State appealed to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Thursday, August 27 to consider abandoning the fixed charge for electricity from their monthly bills.

The consumers were making the appeal on the strength of a previous request by the Nigerian Senate to NERC, on August 11, 2015, to listen to the pleas of electricity consumers.

Capri-Sonne thrills children with ‘The Minions’ Promo


Chi Limited, makers of Capri-Sonne natural fruit drink has just launched a promo to coincide with the release of the movie, The Minions by Universal Studios.

Children in the country are in for exciting times as they now have an opportunity to win free Minions gifts inside every carton of their favourite Capri-sonne that they get within the promo period.

Ebola Virus survives in wastewater, says new study


A new study by a group of microbial risk-assessment and virology experts suggest that the procedures for disposing Ebola-contaminated liquid waste might underestimate the virus’ ability to survive in wastewater.

The historic outbreak of Ebola virus disease in some countries in West Africa has raised new questions about the resilience of the virus and tested scientists understanding of how to contain it.

‘Waste oil damages the ecosystem, worsens health’, says environmental experts


Environmental experts have warned the improper disposal of waste oil by dumping it into drainage systems or burnt into the air is a major cause of contamination of the ecosystem and the chronic health conditions now seen in public.

Meeting at a one-day stakeholders’ forum on ‘Waste oil Management and Disposal’ in Lagos on Tuesday, experts agreed that the usual practice of disposing waste oil by mechanic shops into drainage systems or on soil contaminates drinking water, harm aquatic animals and plant life, depriving aquatic plant life of necessary sunlight nutrients and oxygen.

Nine health symptoms men should never ignore


FROM blood in the urine to ‘man boobs’, there are a host of signs that things aren’t quite right in the male body. And sometimes seemingly everyday symptoms can be a sign of a more serious disease.

For example, heavy drinking may be a sign of depression, while problems performing in the bedroom is an early indicator of heart disease.

Here, experts reveal nine health symptoms men should never ignore…

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