NCC tells consumers to call 622 customer care number for complaints with telecom providers


The Nigerian Telecommunication Commission (NCC) has told telecom consumers to call their toll free customer care number, 622, if they don’t get resolution to their complaints with telecom providers.

However, they said phone users must try to resolve the issue with their telecom providers before reaching out to them.

NHIS to allow states to set-up their own health insurance agencies


The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), the Federal Governments flagship affordable health insurance scheme has said that it would allow states to set-up their own health insurance agencies.

The acting Executive Secretary of the scheme, Mr. Olufemi Akingbade, made this known during a courtesy visit to the governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nair El Rufai. He said that “the move was necessary to deploy resources in states to match funds accruing from the National Health Insurance Act to attain sustainability.”

Smart patch could mean the end of pricking fingers for diabetics


Pricking of fingers by diabetes sufferers could soon be a thing of the past. Researchers have unveiled a smart patch that can automatically release insulin into the bloodstream when needed. It can monitor the blood and when it detects increase in blood sugar levels, secrete appropriate doses of insulin.

The patch is a thin square no longer than a penny, is covered with more than 100 tiny needles, each about the size of an eyelash that can automatically release insulin when needed.

No approval for electricity rate increase, says NERC


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has said that no electricity distribution company, also known as Discos has received approval to raise rates for consumers.

NERC made this known in response to complaints made by consumers who say that some of the electricity distribution companies have increased their electricity rates, while others were in the process of doing so.

GMail gets an “Undo send” command. Users can now recall mails


Good news for those with quick fingers who like to use Gmail. Now you can recall sent messages if you are quick enough, a report from Gmail said on Wednesday.

It added that the new “Undo send” option allowed a message to be retrieved so long as it is clicked upon within 30 seconds of the “Send” command being hit.

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