Two Nigerian youths have been arrested for drug and cybercrime in India and United state respectively. One Emmanuel Mong was arrested in the US for illegal wire transfer while another young

Nigerians arrested in US and India for cybercrime and drugs

Two  Nigerian youths have been arrested for drug and cybercrime in India and United state respectively. One Emmanuel Mong was arrested in the US for illegal wire transfer while another young Nigerian identified as Nonso has also been arrested in India for drug related offenses.

Emmanuel Mong was  arrested in the US for illegal wire transfer. He was picked up just as he was about boarding a flight back to the country.  Mong, is now in the process of being extradited from Washington to Stamford in California, where he will face charges that he illegally intercepted a $30,000 wire transfer from Purdue Pharma.

According to Port of Seattle Police, the 24 year-old was trying to catch an Emirates Airlines flight to Nigeria on December 16 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Having observed there was a felony warrant in his name, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers detained him until police arrived at Sea-Tac Airport. According to the report, Stamford police issued a warrant for Mong’s arrest in 2017, charging him with first-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit first-degree computer crime and conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation, with a court-ordered appearance bond of $250,000.

Hiwever, despite his protests that he has never lived in Georgia and claims that he is not the person wanted in the warrant, Mong is being extradited to Stamford. His Stamford criminal defense attorney, Allan Friedman, said Mong is eager to clear his name.

In thesame vein, a 21-year-old Nonso has been arrested in India for being in possession of 265gm of heroin. Nonso is said to be indigene of Anambra state.

The suspect who had arrived in India on business visa two months back and had been staying in Delhi. He was however arrested at Ziri market near Sector 39 roundabout on Tuesday afternoon. The police said that 265 gm heroin was a commercial quantity and it was one of the rarest seizure in Chandigarh.

Upon being interrogated, Nonso said he came to Chandigarh in the search of customers in view of Christmas and New Year holiday. He further disclosed that he was told by an associate that Chandigarh had a good potential market for heroin.

The Nigerian man also revealed that he procured the narcotics from one of his countrymen living at Uttam Nagar in Delhi. Nonso was reportedly arraigned in a local court on Wednesday December 25, after failing to produce a passport, visa or any other document regarding his stay in India or Chandigarh.

However, many Nigerians youth are beginning to believe that there are other citizens from neighboring African countries who are impersonating to be Nigerians in a bid to protect the image of their country when they are set to commit trans border crimes. This they say might be as a result of the acquired image liabilities by some Nigerians involved in criminal activities all over the world. According to a student of Obafemi Awolowo University who begged for anonimity, said,  “youths from other African countries are leveraging on the bad publicity given to Nigeria by foreign media to impersonate us and give us a bad name the more. Nigerians are not that bad and our involvement in cybercrime has drastically reduced with the advent of EFCC and the seriousness of the incumbent president to put a stop to all forms of corruption in our country.”

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