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BIZZARE: MAN CHASES WIFE AND KIDS BECAUSE OF SEX. A man identified as Solomon, chased his wife and two kids away after taking sex enhancing drugs but the wife refused him sex.

The Ikotun Police Division in Lagos have started manhunt for him, after he chased both the wife and children away from home and swore that he no longer wanted them.

According to Lailasnews the incident happened at Prophet Amowo Street by Onitire bus stop in Abaranje, Ikotun, Lagos where they reside.

The wife, Mrs. Ijeoma, claimed that she refused him sex after she discovered that he had taken sex enhancing drugs and would have tormented her during their sex romps which usually lasted for several hours before he would release.

The embattled Ijeoma said that she got married to Solomon some years back and they had the children having normal sex with him. She said that at a time, Solomon’s sex behaviour changed as he would make love to her for hours non stop and almost killed her during one of the romps.


She narrated that she was troubled that her husband might kill her one day and had to investigate why he lasted so long in the romps. It was then that she discovered that he was taking sex enhancing drugs before meeting her on the bed.

On Tuesday, Solomon chased her and the children away, threw their belongings outside, locked their house and went out. Ijeoma was said to have refused because she caught him taking the drugs. She identified as one of them as Tramadol.

The incident was said to have caused commotion in the area as some of the residents contacted the Child Protection Agency to come to the rescue of the woman and the children.

CPA has rescued Ijeoma and the children and they were said to be in protective custody. The matter was reported to the police who have moved to arrest Solomon who was said to be on the run over the incident.

When consumer news visited Ikotun Police Division where the matter was reported, the DPO, CSP Abubakar Tsav, was not on seat to comment on the matter. However, police sources confirmed the incident and said that the police have commenced investigation into the matter.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Drug abuse is dangerous, it hurts you as an individual and also hurt people around you. Stated below are ways drug abuse affects your being.

It Hurts Your Freedom

Difficulty with finances, keeping a job, and mental health problems are all issues that can ultimately land a person in jail. Whether it’s by pursuing unlawful means of financial gain, committing crimes due to paranoid delusions, stealing from others to support a habit, or any other of the myriad ways drug abuse can contribute to criminal activity, each of those paths leads to the same place—jail.

It Hurts Your Romantic Relationships

Healthy romantic relationships are built on a foundation of trust. Unfortunately, drug abuse commonly leads people to engage in deceitful behaviors that breach that trust. Dishonesty about money spent on the drug, lying about whereabouts, or not being forthcoming about the use of the drug are some of the ways trust, and ultimately relationships, can be destroyed due to drug abuse.
It Hurts Your Friendships

In addition to the deceit that commonly accompanies drug abuse, detrimental personality changes can arise, too. Having a short temper, lack of patience, decreased interest in others, and self-serving habits are all prevalent behaviors stemming from drug abuse that can negatively impact your friendships.
It Hurts Your Family Relationships

Generally, the more someone abuses drugs, the more their priorities shift toward their drug of choice. For instance, an important family event, such as a wedding or baby shower, will often take a backseat to a person’s drug use. Prioritizing a drug over loved ones can very quickly lead to self-alienation and tarnished or broken family relationships.

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