Nigeria’s literary icon, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has identified what may bring about a 3rd World War. He said the 3rd World war will be caused by fake news and such could originate from a Nigerian.

The Nobel Laureate, who spoke at a symposium in Abuja on Wednesday, identified fake news as a threat to mankind.

Soyinka exposes what may cause 3rd world war

Soyinka said that during the last Presidential election he was quoted as saying that it serves former President, Goodluck Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate after he lost at the polls.

He said:

“I’ve said this before that fake news may cause World War 3 and the fake news will be started by a Nigerian.”

He added:

“During the last Presidential election, I was quoted as saying that it serves President Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate.

“Sometimes some people quote me as saying if you vote for a particular candidate, your mother is a goat or your father is a gorilla.” He therefore advised Nigerian citizens to desist from spreading falsehood and fake news.

It could be recalled that Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria early last year organized a well attended lecture on how to curb this menace. The Nigerian Army has also been in the forefront of fighting this potential cause of World War 3. The Army of the most populous country in Africa has organized seminars and conferences to educate stakeholders and Nigerian citizens in general on the effects of spreading fake news on national security and peaceful coexistence of Nigerian citizens.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Nigerian citizens should therefore avoid spreading fake news on their social media platforms or by Mouth. This could be detrimental to our healthy coexistence. It could cause civil war and by extension, World War 3.

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