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Situated in the beautiful city of Bristol. We are a highly successful and very popular Faculty of over 6000 students and 450 staff members. Ranked 14th in the UK for Building and town and country planning – Guardian 2019 Ranked 10th in the UK for Architecture – Guardian 2019 Ranked 8th in the UK for […]


Glo implores girls to take up ICT

Glo implores girls to take active interest in ICT – Digital Transformation Leader, Globacom has implored school girls across the country to take active interest in science subjects that could help them play prominent roles in the technology world in the future. Globacom’s representative at this year’s commemoration of the International Girls in ICT Day […]


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Protect Your Home and Office appliances with Europe’s highly reliable and affordable AVR, Zektron™ SoHo Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Zektron™ SOHO Servo AVR Zektron: Zektron™ SOHO Servo AVR is a single phase Full Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers (5– 30 kVA) designed specially for Small Offices & Home Applications ( Computers, Servers, photocopiers, Smart TVs, Fridges, Freezers, Air-conditioners, Hospital equipments, DVDs, and so on. Zektron™ SoHo Servo AVR attenuates all possible fluctuations in the input […]