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It could be recalled that in August, the social media was hot and horny on what appeared to be a war of creativity amongst some Nigerian banks as they shade themselves on Twitter.

Sterling Bank, the No1 customer bank as it prides itself to be; took to the social media to drop this tweet👇👇👇👇👇

The tweet was later deleted after GTbank reported them to Central Bank for ‘Demarketing” and the former apologized.

It however seems the Nigerian virtual domain is turning to another Cinema as it’s preparing for #bankwars season 2. This is inevitable as Sterling Bank places some billboards where Guarantee Trust Bank is hosting its fashion event. These idea which has spread like wildfire on social media was first tweeted by the popular blogger, vlogger and talk show host, Elsie Godwin as she interpreted the content of the creative work. See below👇👇👇


It could be recalled that on 9 November 2018, Sterling Bank posted on twitter asking its fans to be patient as the Stew would soon be done. See below👇👇👇

See what the Social media enthusiast, Omojuwa has to say about this idea 👇👇👇

to the Nigerian consumers, this is becoming interesting. However, the season 1 and 2 of the Nigerian #Bankwars could only be determined by the consumers who will vote their Most Reliable Bank, Customer Oriented Bank and Innovation Award of Excellence. With this, banks will identify their levels and and all forms of doubts will be cleared.

For Nigerian consumers, vote for the bank that satisfy your wants and desires, that respect your rights, that provides unique social responsibility. Your vote will earn such Bank the hallmark of consumer approval see below:👇👇👇


This will put an end to this rivalry. Best of luck sterling Bank and GTBank.

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