Covid-19: How Agemawo can Help to Protect Your Family from Eating Contaminated Meat

Covid-19: How Agemawo can Help to Protect Your Family from Eating Contaminated Meat

Covid-19: How to Protect Your Family from Eating Contaminated Meat

With millions of people infected around the world, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is threatening the globe. Coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out in 2019 and is linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that can cause disease in both animals and humans and spread easily from just a droplet contact.
As at today, the world has recorded over 6 million cases of Covid-19 with Nigeria having 12,000+ infected, 3,826 recovered and more than 300 deaths.

Ways Covid-19 Spread
Convid-19 spread from person to person through close communities and can also be contracted from contaminated surfaces and food items. Imagine buying food items such as meat from local butcher that are mostly careless in following safety measures even when you are diligent in protecting yourself and family. It is important to note that – when people with covid-19 breathe out or cough, they expel tiny droplets that contain the virus. These droplets can enter the mouth or nose of people or even through food intake, causing an infection to occur.

Covid-19: How Agemawo can Help to Protect Your Family from Eating Contaminated Meat
The most common way that this illness spreads is through close contact with someone or contaminated surface/food items such as meat.
The disease is most contagious when a person’s symptoms are at their peak. However, it is possible for someone without symptoms to spread the virus. A new study suggests that 10% of infections are from people exhibiting no symptoms. Since COVID-19 is new, and research is still ongoing. There may also be other ways that the new coronavirus can spread.

Protecting Your Family from Eating Contaminated Meat
Finding effective ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 remains a global challenge. Many viruses are preventable through antiviral vaccinations. However, it takes time to develop and distribute safe and effective vaccines. A vaccine for COVID-19 is unlikely to be available any time soon.
So how then can you protect your family from contracting the disease through meat?

1. Avoid exposing your family to close contact with people in a crowded place like market by staying 6 meters away. If possible, avoid local market, supermarkets, bus terminal etc. There are quite a number of food vendors and supermarket that you can make order online and get your items deliver to your location.

For instance, Agemawo Naija, a meat vendor in Lagos is helping to reduce the spread of unhygienic and contaminated meat by delivering freshly killed meat, processed in a clean environment and by health-conscious professional to residents with just a phone call/chat.

2. Study and research about food vendors – For vendors like meat seller, you need to know the state and condition of the environment the meat is being killed, how it is being processed and others. Buying food items from vendors who have active social media presence would be helpful for this. Check their social media pages for clue on their environment. A meat vendor like Agemawo Naija actively use social media like Facebook and Instagram to run their business. They tell their brand story online with the people and environment they operate in. With such company as your vendor, you can be sure of less risk of contracting the disease.

3. Ensure the vendors are safety conscious – The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) recommend washing the hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds per time and also using face mask in public places. This is particularly important for food sellers and vendors so as to prevent contaminating items and spreading the virus across. So, it is important to you are sure the vendors you buy food items from always follow these safety measures especially by using nose mask when killing and processing the meat.

4. Make sure the meat is well-cooked before eating – Regardless the fact that you are sure the meat is processed in a clean environment and by health-conscious personnel, you should cook, fry or steam the meat properly to kill germs and other diseases that the animal killed could have.

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