Rape: De Lankaster Hotel Drops in Ratings

De Lankaster Hotel has been blacklisted by Nigerians after a lady was allegedly drugged and raped by two men who filmed the assault in the hotel.

The two men, Don Chima George and Razak Segun allegedly took a 23-year-old girl to one of De Lankaster’s rooms.

The hotel situated in Lekki is said to be owned by the father of Don Chima, one of the suspects.

Since the news broke, the hotel which was formerly rated a 4.7-star suddenly dropped to 1.3% with a strong likelihood of going down further. At the time of this report, 237 reviews have been written:

See some of the reviews below:

It could be recalled that a video was released by a twitter user showing the owner of the hotel protecting one of the victims which has been publicly proclaimed to be his child. See video below:

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