I can last for 10 rounds during sex – Pamela Odame

Pamela Odame is a Ghanaian model, popularly known for her Big Boobs and sometimes cause friction on social media by posing nude on the upper side of her body. You know what that means.

She has succeeded in causing a lot of hullabaloo with her recent statement claiming she could last for 2 hours during sex and also go as much as 10 rounds at a go.

The big Boobs Model, Pamela Odame has recently claimed in a video that she could made this happen. She made this revelation while speaking with a media personality,  Zion Flex. The beautiful model also mentioned that her longevity on bed will depend on who she is sleeping with.

She backed her claim by pointing out that it is normal with every woman and also added that she can last as much as she wants if she enjoys sex with her partner.

“If you are so sweet and I am into you and I am loving it, we can go more than that. If I love you and I am enjoying it we can go more than 10 rounds. Such things are very normal for women. Women love sex very much”, Pamela said.


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