Making Money Online Now Easier with Opera


Making money online has now been made simpler with Opera News Hub, a new innovation from the digital giant to help talented and even amateur writers to create contents, share the contents and earn big for what they do for fun. Now,  instead of just catching your funs with your writeups, you could now earn big by sharing your stories, opinions and life with over 350 million global active users.

Opera offers diversified revenue strategies to encourage and promote better quality content. These include: Fee Per article, which makes you get paid for every article you  write on the News Hub and  Bonus Per Performance which makes you get paid based on performance of your articles.

Here is what you benefit joining the Opera News Hub: You will generate revenue via paid sponsor, expand your reach and at thesame time, grow your base.

What are you waiting for, now go to http://hub.opera.com ,   and sign up. Open an Opay account(app on play store/app store), this is where you’d be paid. While filling the form from hub.opera.com you’d be asked to link your Opay account(remember it is your number without the 0 in front).

Now, you are in!   You’d be paid per views, engagement, shares and comment, the amount you can make monthly is dependent on how much work you put in, there are people who have earned up to 500k+ from this unique gesture from Opera.


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