Kiitan Faroun

Kiitan Faroun says consumers’ rights are not upheld in Nigeria.

Kiitan Faroun is adorable, beautiful, elegant, sweet, a popular model, a focused Nigerian youth and a light to her generation. As earlier mentioned, her name is kiitan Faroun, a popular model known to those who love fashion and have passion for modeling.


Consumer News was privileged to have an interview session with this international model, during which she spoke about her career, hustle, passion, consumers rights, 2019 elections, life challenges and lots more. Distinguished Nigerian consumers, please meet Kiitan the Model.

CN: Can we meet you?

Kiitan: My name is Kiitan Faroun. I’m a 90’s child that was born and bred in the ancient city of Ibadan. I moved to Lagos after getting my Bachelor’s degree at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, where I studied Dramatic Arts.


CN: Please tell us about your Hustle and Passion.

Kiitan: Kiitan is a Model, Actor, TV Personality and Entrepreneur. I love talking(maybe too much), acting, dancing and cooking (fun fact! I also make a living from cooking). I think what makes my hustle really interesting to me is the fact that I love doing these things, they are hobbies turned career.

CN: Any Life challenges?
Kiitan: I wouldn’t say I have a particular challenge or challenges in life. As we know life is not always a bed of Roses, sometimes it seems tough and on some days it’s a smooth beautiful journey
I’d say I just embrace my challenges and try to always learn from them.


CN: Can you please tell Nigerian consumers brands you have worked with?
Kiitan: I’ve worked with brands like Mai Atafo, Experience Zazaii, Azarai Jewelry, Still Broke, Gulp bants, Gtbank and Boomplay.

CN: Plans for 2019?

Kiitan: I believe most are familiar with Kiitan the Model, so for the year 2019, I plan to focus more on my acting career. Grow, invest and take bold steps in Nollywood. I also plan to grow my businesses.

Kiitan Faroun advises consumers’ to vote for the right candidates.

CN: Some words on 2019 elections?

Kiitan: About the upcoming elections, my advise to all is to go out and vote for who they believe can move Nigeria forward. It may seem as if we don’t really have much of a choice, but it’s better to be part of the decision making process than to spend the next four years grumbling about other people making the wrong choice for you.

CN: Nigerian Youths?

Kiitan: To Nigerian youths, my advice is simple, keep doing what you love, embrace passion and legitimacy. The success stories are sweet but the process is not as easy, persevere! As a rising star I can tell you this, the end results are always worth the pain.


CN: Consumer rights in Nigeria?

Kiitan: As a Nigerian, I wouldn’t say consumer rights laws are strictly upheld. The government is trying but the structure and economy is not just capable of defending consumer rights.

CN: Any advice for consumers in Nigeria?

Kiitan: My advice to Nigerian consumers will be to get informed on what consumer rights are and make sure they try to claim these rights by saying no to harmful products no matter how cheap it comes to them.

CN: Thank you very much for your time.

Kiitan: You are welcome.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: You could view some of her pictures and follow her on her Instagram handle @ kiitan_faroun ,



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