A new chapter has been opened in the history of Nigeria unemployment situation.  The Association Of Unemployed Graduates Of Nigeria head office’s signpost has been spotted in Enugu state.

One begin to wonder what the brains behind this Association thought while creating such pressure group.

The picture of the signpost was shared online and it’s causing a stir on social media platforms. According to Gisthabit, who shared the image of this strange signpost, the signpost was found while on a trip at Enugu.

Gisthabit said,

“I was on a trip at enugu and guess what, I saw a signpost of the Association of Unemployed graduates of Nigeria.
I did not know that the unemployment has gotten to this level”.

As we stated earlier, you begin to wonder the idea behind such group. Is it to degrade the government, is it because of their poverty level or is it because of lack of vision or hopelessness. Furthemore, maybe a platform to project the plight of the unemployed? All efforts by Consumer News to reach the creatives 😅😂🤣, behind this was not successful at the time of publishing this report. However, we would go deeper into the reasons for such association.

Consequently, this could form an interactive topic here, why is this happening? What’s is your view? Is it that bad? May God help our country, a very big Amen.

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