Passenger Train Derails in Lagos: Casualty Figures Unknown

A passenger train veered off the tracks in the Agege, Mangoro area of Lagos in the early hours of  this morning, Thursday, January 10, 2019. The casualty figures yet to be ascertained at the time of filing this report.

Social media users say traffic along the Ikeja-Along—Iyana Ipaja axis has come to a standstill during the rush hour regular commute. However, the Director of State Emmergency Management Agency (SEMA)said the traffic is not uncontrollable.

A coach or two have been photographed crashing off the track into the neighbourhood beside it, with initial reports suggesting that the derailment may have hit a few persons. Consumer News is unable to verify this bit of information at the moment. However, Director SEMA also said some passengers hanging on the derailed coaches were more affected.

Train derailment is a an uncommon global accident, however, in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic nerve center, is becoming popular. On November 16, 2017, a train derailed around the Abattoir area of Agege, injuring many and leaving scores dead.

Furthermore, On July 20, 2018, a train rammed into a Danfo bus that had suddenly gotten in the way, killing at least nine persons.

If not for the recent revamping of Nigeria’s rail transportation system by the incumbent administration, Most of the tracks and trains crisscrossing the Nigerian landscape are decaying and have barely been maintained since the ‘60s.


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