Phone Explodes: Kills 14 Year Old
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Phone Explodes: Kills 14 Year Old

A 14 year old girl dies after her phone explodes while she was sleeping.  The 14-year-old Kazakhstani schoolgirl, Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek had been listening to music on her phone beside her as she drifted off to sleep.

Unfortunately the phone had overheated in the night, and eventually exploded. According to the Daily Mail, the girl was left with severe head injuries. Even though relatives immediately called the paramedics once they had discovered the incident, it was too late.

Protecting yourself from Dangers of Phone Explosion.

There are some general tips to follow that can help protect yourself and your device from catastrophe. General warning signs that your battery is damaged and could explode include a hissing sound, popping, or swelling.

Stop charging your phone it if becomes too hot. Allow your phone to cool down before charging it again and make sure that you don’t cover your phone to let heat escape properly.
Stick to first-party chargers. Use the charger included in the box to make sure that your phone is receiving the optimal voltage and current. If you’re using a phone with a USB Type-C port or Quick Charge, it might be wise to stick with the cable that came in the box too.

Don’t charge your phone in bed. I know it’s very tempting to watch a video or read before you fall asleep, but you don’t want to roll over on your phone and have it overheat. Not to mention that leaving your phone under a pillow while it charges will cause it to heat up.

Be mindful of where you charge your phone. Avoid charging for long periods of time in really hot places, such leaving your phone on a car dashboard, next to a radiator, or in direct sunlight on hot days.

If you do happen to notice your battery swelling, unplug your phone and remove the battery, but only if the battery is user removable. Don’t attempt to dispose of the battery or device in the trash. Always get rid of your batteries at authorised disposal facilities.

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