Recently, one Baba Adele, @4Qhen cried foul of the activities and carelessness of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company at Ogijo Area of Ikorodu, Lagos State. The tweep who reported the company to Consumer News also called on other influencers on social media to save their soul. He said the residents of this area have not seen electricity for over a month 🙆🏿🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️😤 which according to him is affecting the residents negatively especially their children.

All attempt by the consumers/the residents to dialogue with this electricity distribution company proved abortive. Instead, they alleged; according to Baba Adele that the residents were not paying their bills and as such, electricity was diverted to bigger consumers and companies who never defaulted. See his tweets below:

Baba Adele however said he is of the opinion that @IBEDC_NG is taking the plights of consumers in that general area for granted. Based on this allegation, we took a step to further confirm the story closing up with Baba Adele, he has this to say👇👇

” Prior to now, we have enjoyed at least 20hours of light and slowly depleted to 10 hours in the past month. People didn’t care much because we thought it was because of the current road construction on Ikorodu-shagamu road and as long as we could pump water and wash clothes overnight, it was fine. But recently(from mid October), they just didn’t give us any power….maybe a 5minute power in 2 weeks. Whenever I ask any of their reps I know stay around, they all say they don’t know. The residents are suffering, businesses crippled and everyone going to fetch/buy water, metres are filled with cobwebs, transformers filled with weed etc”

We also took some pictures of the community as you can see from displayed images. However, Consumer News observed that the community is not only having electricity challenges, government presence is not also visible; the roads are bad and partially motorable. 

All efforts to reach out to Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company proved abortive at the time of publishing this report.

Editorial Comment: Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company could please reach out to us to tell their side of the story. Consumers should not be taken for granted. They are the reason why businesses exist and the strong bone behind their survival. On this note, IBEDC should kindly ensure this problems is checked.



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