Rwanda Government Bans Bleaching Creams and Soaps.

Rwanda Government Bans Bleaching Creams

The Rwanda government has banned Skin bleaching creams and soaps. The directive to ansure this is properly implemented has been given to officials across the country, tasking them to enforce and ensure the ban is adhered to.

According to a report by http://www.cnn.comEast African country is leading a campaign against skin bleaching and substandard cosmetics, particularly products that include hydroquinone, a spokesman from the Rwanda Standards Board said.

“It is been implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority and the Rwanda Standards Board,” said Simeon Kwizera, the public relations and communications officer for the board.

“Operations are being conducted by technical people. The police is there to oversee only and make sure that all operations are being conducted in a safe way.” He added.


He further said that President Paul Kagame sparked discussions on the need to ban the sale of skin “whiteners” on social media in November in response to a post from a woman calling for the government to crack down on skin bleaching. While responding, Kagame said on Twitter that bleaching creams are unhealthy, and he called on the country’s ministry of health and police to rein “this in very quickly.”

End of the Road for Bleaching Products Vendors

Government officials and police are now patrolling markets in the capital, Kigali, and in provinces across the central African nation, seizing skin-lightening and bleaching products from vendors.

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