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Tambo TA set to relegate other smartphones in the Market

Tambo TA set to relegate other smartphones in Market

These days, it seems as though each time we sleep and wake, a mobile phone brand has released a new device. Understandably, as technological advancement continues to head north, so should the major players in the OEM market however, recent trends have shown that rather than raise the bar, many of these mobile phone brands are only interested in “blending” or fitting into the existing market clutters that frustrates the end-users. Tambo TA doesn’t share thesame history.

Consumer News has gathered that since the entrance of TAMBO Mobile into the Nigerian market few months ago, they are fast becoming the mobile phone brand to beat due to their innovative and very competitive products. One of such products is the TA-50 which the brand has introduced to empower entry-level smartphone users with high-end features, considerate speed, more space and a smooth user experience.

Brace Up for Tambo TA

When compared to other devices of the same category in the market, TAMBO TA-50 offers considerably more value for money. Powered by a 1.3GHz quadcore processor and Android GO operating system, the device is very responsive and fast. Whether you are a gamer or movie enthusiast, the TA-50 can cater for your video and graphic demands without freezing or “cat-walking”.

Clean, clear and colorful, the TA-50 dons 8MP front and rear cameras with flashlights. Its auto-focus is impressive and the device can capture moving objects with a considerate level of precision.


Tambo TA  may relegate other smartphones in its market segment

The TA-50 comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM (expandable up to 64GB) and complemented by Android GO, the device has enough space to house a lot of pictures and apps without you having to resort to always deleting something in order to add another. It also comes with 4000mAh battery that can deliver over 380hrs standby time and 36+hrs talk time upon a single charge. It has a fingerprint scanner finely positioned at the rear for a fast and more secure use.

Brace Up – Tambo TA is about to relegate other smartphones in its market segment

TAMBO TA-50 comes in two striking colors, Champagne and Black. Really for an entry-level device, the TA-50 is well rounded in terms of speed, camera quality, battery life, storage capacity and even comes with a 100days replacement promise plus 13months warranty.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Consumers who have experience the viability of this phone or otherwise could please, submit their reviews at our Product Review category. Thank you.

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