The 8 Consumer Rights of every Nigerian

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Do you know you have consumer rights as a Nigerian consumer that are fully backed by the law? How many times have you been wrongly treated by product manufacturers and service providers that you wish there is a way to seek redress and compensation?

You have consumer rights as a Nigerian and you should know them. These consumer rights are fully backed by law as provided for in the Consumer Protection Council Act, under Chapter C25, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. The act provides for the establishment of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and empowers it to uphold these rights for every Nigerian – no matter your social standing.

Consumer Rights of every Nigerian

Knowing your rights is the first step in ensuring that you are not cheated because in law, ignorance is not an excuse. Below are the 8 fundamental rights you have and their significance.

1. The Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

Access to basic goods and services necessary for survival, such as food, water, energy, clothing, shelter, health-care, education and sanitation. Goods and services must meet the standard of quality promised such that there is value for money in the purchase.

2. The Right to Safety

Protection from hazardous products, production processes and services.

3. The Right to Information

Provision of information enabling informed consumer choice as well as protection from misleading or inaccurate advertising and labelling.

4. The Right to Choose

Access to a variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.

5. The Right to Redress

Compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods and unsatisfactory public and private services, including the right to adequate legal representation

6. The Right to Consumer Education

Acquisition of the skills required to be an informed consumer throughout life

7. The Right to Consumer Representation

Advocacy of consumers’ interest and the ability to take part in the formulation of economic and other policies affecting consumers i.e. the right to be heard

8. The Right to a Healthy Environment

A habitation is a place that is safe for present and future generations and which will enhance the quality of their lives.

Please note that these rights are not limited to the private sector alone. They are applicable to both private and public organizations and enterprises. We should hence be ready to demand these rights whenever we perceive that these rights are being infringed upon.

What do you do when your consumer right is infringed upon?

When you are convinced that your rights have been trampled upon and the committer have been unresponsive, approach any of the CPC office in your state or region and present a formal complaint in writing. Also note that it is always important that you have enough information and evidence to back up your complaint.

The following are the various addresses of the head and regional offices of the CPC


Plot 1105, Dar-es-Salaam Street. Off Aminu Kano Crescent. Wuse II, Abuja. Hotlines: 08056002020, 08056003030. e-mail:

Regional Offices

Lagos Office

No. 18 Ilupeju By-Pass, Ilupeju, Lagos

CPC North-East Zonal Office

4th Flour NICON HOUSE Bank Road, GRA, Bauchi, Bauchi State

CPC North-West Zonal Office

Justice Mamman Nasir House, Nogogo Road Katsina, Katsina State

CPC South-East Zonal Office

Opposite Government House, (Along) Onitsha Road, Anambra State

CPC South-South Zonal office

Plot F/9 Abacha Road, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

CPC South-West Zonal office

Finance Complex State secretariat Oshogbo, Osun state

CPC North-Central Zonal office

Opp W.T.C Minna, Niger State.

Phones and Online Contact

You can also contact the CPC through their Call Centers or Hotlines – Call Centre: 07002255272 Hotlines: 08056002020, 08056003030

Finally, you can submit a formal complaint on any product or service online at their website by visiting this page:


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