1. Who are they?

You might not get 100% and accurate information concerning them but it is very important to know who they really are.

Ensure you know and meet his/her nuclear family before accepting irrespective of who introduced you to them. Some of them bring fake people as their family. So beware.

2. Take photos.

Just to be security conscious. Before she / he even moves into your house, take their photos and maybe one photo of the relative just for future reference.

3. OLX

Now it doesn’t mean you can’t employ via this online platform. It’s just that few bad eggs have spoilt this medium. Even the ones that are gotten from another source, how sure are you that they are not worse. So OLX is not a written off platform o.

There is nothing wrong in sourcing for them online just do your best inquiry.

Domestick Workers

4. Hope for the Best

Yes with all this craziness, you still have to hope for the best. No one is perfect. The person you are getting is also like your child. He or she is bound to make mistakes.
So hope for the best and at the same time expect the worst.

5. Be vigilant.

Sometimes when we do something or taking a move, our mind tells us something else. Make sure you listen to your gut feeling. It might just be right.

You can also install nanny or security cams if you like to just be very sure especially if you have little kids so that you know if they are# being maltreated.

When you notice any ill mannered behaviors such as stealing , promiscuity please take fast steps to handle such situations and if you cant deal please send them away. Leave strict instructions e.g The house help goes no where without permission because this can lead to bad events .

6. After she / he moves in.

Make sure your kids and everyone living in the house accords to them necessary and mutual respect. They are not slaves. Please note.

Show interest in their lives, be fair and kind and treat them like your own child. Remember they are# there to assist you not to be your laves.

7. Are they Medically OK???

You need to understand that you are accepting someone you have no idea about into your lives. Make sure that at least the first week let them go for medical tests.
Do this yourself so as to be very certain. Take them for HIV test, and every other test you wish.

8. Are you certain of the source?

Who ever and wherever you get this staffs from, make sure it’s a verifiable and credible source. Let there be at least 2 guarantors to stand in in case of any unfortunate events.

Do not take the risk because you urgently need someone to help you at home. They can be dangerous o…

Baby sitting on floor by helper who is hoovering. Biscuits dropped all over the floor

9. If it’s a female staff

I’ve heard many people including my aunts say that they should not be too fine o. Lol.
Really!!! Just be vigilant as I’ve said before. Also do you trust your husband and other male persons living in your roof???

There are two scenarios. The female staff can be raped and cajoled or the female staff can entice and also cajole them.
I’m sure you watch home movies and see such happening. They are real o.

10. If it’s a guy.

Do you have female persons living in your house??? I feel if it’s a guy it can be controlled. Except the madam is unsatisfied and greedy enough to stoop so low or the kids are also admiring the male staff.

Don’t forget they can also be cajoled and can initiate it too. If you have little kids, ensure you are watchful.

11. History.

Find out more about them. Where were they working before??? Why they left??? Their previous experiences. Etc. Ask around for more info.

12. Lets take it Spiritually

I know that some people would not agree with me on this but at least note it. Some of this staffs especially nannies and house-helps can actually be a disaster set to befall your family.

I know of a certain family whose house help was actually possessed (a witch) she destroyed the whole family beyond redemption…So i advice if you mind , please take them for deliverances in good churches o…Its just an advice..

This is the most important tip you should consider. Get someone of the same fate with you.

Have you had any similar experiences with your house-helps or you know any stories? share them in the comment box so some others can learn …

13. Dont be DESPERATE

it’s pretty easy to jump at the first person who offers to help sweep your floors and wash your dishes. But wait. You’re inviting someone into your home, your sanctuary. It’s important that they are right for you and your family.

The best case scenario is to hire a helper who has worked for people you know

14. Are House-helps really necessary????????

So i have listed important things you should know and consider before employing domestic staffs. Now my question for you is Are house helps really necessary ? I can understand the role of a security man or gate man or driver .

Most times your peace and calmness in your house should not be traded for any comfort of having domestic staff such as house helps. If you can just avoid them

But what of the house helps , nannies …cant you do without them..? And if you cannot tell me why and you reasons please…

In Conclusion

The choice is all yours..I really hope this post helps you or someone you know. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and any suggestions are highly welcome ..Use the comment box below..



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