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V-Martins Supplies LTD – Overview and Brand Homeboyz Whisky

V-Martins Supplies LTD is an African company that is home to quality and top-notch, great, Made In Nigeria consumables. According to the CEO and Business Development Manager, Victor Udeh Martin, ‘Our mission is to produce and distribute unique brands of unmatched quality. Homeboyz Whisky is our first product.’

You must have seen people who have led lights strapped to their backs selling whisky on the streets of Lagos, these people hawk what is known as Homeboyz Whisky.

Homeboyz Whisky – First Product of V-Martins Supplies LTD

Home Boyz Whisky is an Alcoholic Beverage perfectly blended with freshly Roasted Coffee and Organic Honey which gives it a Velvety Taste that makes it a unique type of Whisky.

The aim and mission of V-Martins Supplies LTD lies in the production and bringing of unique beverages in the market while simultaneously creating more jobs and enriching communities where they are being produced.

Homeboyz Whisky was first introduced to Nigeria in 2013 when it was originally imported from India by Ovins Nigeria LTD. Currently, V-Martins Supplies LTD produces Homeboyz Whisky locally with Honey sourced from Adamawa state in order to meet demands, because right from its inception, it was generally loved and sought after by whisky fans in Nigeria.

Homeboyz Whisky - V- Martins Supplies LTD product

At the moment, there is only one pack size available in the market and that is the 125ml bottle, it is packed by 24pcs in a carton and the recommended price per pack is 1,800 Naira. As with most consumer goods, the more quantity you buy from the producer the more discounts you earn and the same goes for Home Boyz Whisky. Homeboyz Whisky is approved by NAFDAC and the consumers of this Whisky product must be 18 years of age and above, according to the legal alcohol consumption age in Nigeria.

Gabriel - V-Martins Supplies LTD Brand Ambassador for Homeboyz Whisky in Iyana Ipaja

V-Martins Supplies currently uses a unique marketing strategy to introduce the product and establish the whisky brand in local markets. The brand agents wear led lights strapped to their backs at nights on the streets of Lagos, and now, in Nnewi, Anambra State.

V-Martins Supplies LTD - Homeboyz Whisky Activation

V-Martins Supplies LTD - Homeboyz Whisky Activation

In November 2018, V-Martins supplies participated in an ‘activation’ which involved creating awareness for the Homeboyz Whisky brand. The activation lasted for six days and took place in Lagos state areas such as Ojuelegba, Mushin, Agege, Ketu, Mile12, Ikorodu, and Sango Otta.

And just in case you would like to be a distributor or an agent, V-Martins Supplies is located at 10b Tairu Olugbani Street, Oregun Ikeja, Lagos State, and they can also be reached on their customer care line at +2348153764249 or you can also join their established online community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Editor’s Notes: What do you think about Homeboyz Whisky? Have you tasted it? Would you recommend the whisky? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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