Recently, AI which has been on campaign of calumny on the Nigerian Armed Forces has yet again embarrassed itself by ignorantly claiming that troops’ abandonment of their deployment led to the killing of 60 civilians in Rann on 28 January 2018. This recent report has clearly shown that this international organization is possibly been sponsored to defame  the image and reputation of the Nigerian Armed Forces and downplay the successes of Nigerian Armed forces in its counter insurgency efforts. It could further be interpreted that they are hell bent to cause disaffection amongst Nigerians and make citizens loose trust in the government of the day which could have negative effects on the Counter Insurgency Operations. 

In as much we at Consumer News is bittered because of the unfortunate demise of some civilians and humanitarian workers in the ongoing counter insurgency operations in the north east, it is also very important to let out our voice in the support of the Nigerian Armed Forces. When we sleep, our soldiers are awake,when we play, they are watchful, when we engage in our businesses in a comfortable environment, their business is to fight our enemies under a tensed and dangerous environment and atmosphere. When air condition is blowing our sweat, they are under the sun and rain.

There is the need we speak out; in order to shame the detractors claiming to be Agents of Insurgency, especially on this recent report. We are Nigerians and we believe in our military. God bless the Nigerian Armed Forces. 

Correcting misconceptions on the Rann attack, the spokesman of Thearter Command Operations Lafita Dole, Col Onyema Nwachukwu, said in a recent release that, “it is most unacceptable and unfair for AMnesty international to make such outlandish and unverified claims that troops abandoned their deployment a day before Boko Haram attack on the location, thereby exposing the IDPs to a deadly attack.

“This claim is not only bereft of truth, but in its usual mannerism, another futile effort by AI to portray the Nigerian military as incapable,as well as project the Nigerian government as not protective of her people in the eyes of the global community. It is therefore inevitable to address this misinformation being peddled and fed the public, from AI’s obviously uninformed report.”

while Nwachukwu call it uninformed report, we at Consumer News call it one of AI subjective reports which actually have been achieving its propaganda objectives against our dear country until the Armed Forces made Nigerians to re assess their style of activism and we discovered it is corrupt and evil. It is high time the Nigerian media learn to avoid giving publicity to those who openly pretend to be angels of God but are actually angels of evil machineries who are hell bent to destabilize our nation for unknown, selfish or monetary reasons.  We at Consumer News refused to publish that uncharitable report. 

Col Nwachukwu clarified the uninformed report thus:

“It must be clarified that contrary to insinuations by AI that troops abandoned their deployment a day before Boko Haram astorgous attack on Rann on 28 January 2019, Rann never actually came under any attack on the date claimed by AI.

Rather Rann experienced that unfortunate attack on 14 January 2018 and in that encounter, the troops proved their mettle and gallantry by neutralizing two suicide bombers and three Boko Haram foot soldiers, while several took to their heels with gun shot wounds. With the support of troops from the Muliti National Joint Task, who later joined in the battle, the insurgents were finally overpowered.

It is very important we (Consumer News) highlighted the above statement to let the fools actually understand and see beyond their nose; if they are seeing at all, that Nigerian soldier have been and are still sacrificing to ensure insurgents are pushed out of our nation. It is high time some people understands that our soldiers have vowed to pay the supreme price if necessary; to protect the territorial integrity of our dear country even at the instances of unimaginable dangers. The job they are doing excellently with accolades from Nigerians. If some insignificant no of Nigerians are not seeing what over 170 million people are seeing, then there must be a problem somewhere. It is either they are blind or they have refused to see because of their corrupt deeds.

The thearther spokesman further clarified saying, “it is also crucial to mention here, as has been reported in an earlier press release, signed by Deputy Director Army Public Relations of Sector 1 that the Theatre Commander, Major General Benson Akinroluyo and the Commander Sector 1 Operation LAFIYA DOLE Brigadier General Bulama Biu wasted no time in swiftly responding to the development, as they immediately embarked on a long range patrol to Rann, as well as other adjoining communities within the area, during which they conducted battle damage assessment.

Contrary to AI’s claims, at no point of the assessment , was any report of the killing of 60 civilians made either by the civilians themselves, whom the Sector Commander interacted with or by the members of the Joint Task Force who were at hand during the assessment.

Fellow Nigerians, especially the media, please, let us start asking questions from these evil men!! Where then does AI got his ( one man) information from. They have not been to the theatre, they have not visited and pay solidarity visit to Nigerian soldiers, they have not paid courtesy or condolence visits to families of the displaced, neither do they have representatives on ground for on the spot assessment. So, what is the source of their information. They sat in their living room in Abuja or wherever, to cook unpalatable,sour and subjective reports. Or maybe from inside their dirty rest room and the offensive Odour has blocked their nostrils, Vision and thinking faculty to do the right thing. 

Nwachukwu speaks further, “Again a Search and Rescue Operation that followed after the attack did not recover the said 60 bodies of killed civilians as AI would want members of the public to believe. The troops commenced a clearance operation in villages surrounding Rann and destroyed Boko Haram terrorists camps that were uncovered during the operation.

In one of such clearance operations on 30 January 2019, the troops encountered an ambush staged by the terrorists along Gamboru – Mafa road and gallantly fought through it, overpowering the insurgents.

Another issue in the controvertible AI report is the alleged attack on Rann on 28 January 2019, where as, there was no such attack. Rather, an alarm was raised by IDPs in Rann of the sudden withdrawal of Multinational Joint Task Force ( MNJTF) troops from the location, to which the authorities of Operation LAFIYA quickly responded, following which the Commander Sector 1 returned to Rann on Monday 29 January with reinforcement troops to beef-up and support the troops there.

The astronomical statistics of human casualty touted by AI and the alleged abdication of duty by our selfless and resilient troops cannot hold water in the face of facts of the several exemplary physical involvements of the Theatre Commander and the Commander Sector 1 as well as Commanders of 22 Brigade and 3 Battalion in ensuring normalcy returns to Rann and the reinforcement and replenishment of the troops.

Evidently, in its characteristic inclination to swiftly accuse the Nigerian military of wrong doing, AI failed again to conduct a validity check on its manufactured data before cooking its report.

Nigerians are now aware of their style and intentions. A time is coming when they will look for publicity and they will see no more, AMEN.

No doubt, in battles, collateral damages are unfortunately incurred and troops in the front line are first victims to suffer such damages, up to the point of sacrificing their lives, as they are saddled with the duty to defend their country and the citizenry.

Over 170 million Nigerians are aware of this, we appreciate your efforts and we are praying for you. 

We are deeply touched by the demise of those who fell during the callous attack of Rann by Boko Haram terrorists. We are also empathic with humanitarian organizations as well as members of International and local NGOs who were affected by the attack.

Another very important thing Nigerians should appreciate about their military is the humanitarian aspect of their operations. They always feel the pains of fellow Nigerians and foreigners in their reports. They always offer humanitarian assistance when necessary. You can boldly see their progressive intentions and feel their love for their fellow Nigerians and human being in general. They don’t just carry out military operations, they also effectively carry out humanitarian and psychological operations on the victims of insurgency. These have great impact on resettlement efforts.

It is indeed another reminder and clarion call on the international and local communities to support the Nigerian military to bring the dastardly and mindless acts of Boko terrorists to a decisive end.

We seize this opportunity to reiterate that our responsibility of defending our fatherland and protecting our people remain our pride and conscience no matter the amount of distraction and smear campaigns.

The question is what is AI up to with their fake report? If truly they are objective in their reports,  why haven’t they praise the efforts of the Nigerian Army for once. Are we saying the Armed forces  have not done anything worthwhile since the beginning of this strange challenge? Why all these information attacks at this crucial periods when our Armed forces need our collective support to overcome this challenge? These are rhetorical questions that could be answered in our conscience.

Thank you the Nigerian Army, we love you and God Almighty will continue to protect our soldiers and our dear country. 

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